World of Guide Aka Guides to the World of Warcraft

Welcome to the World of Guide, or guides for the World of Warcraft. We all know how difficult it can be when you're playing in the World of Warcraft and you're not sure where to go or what to do next, that's where guides can be helpful.

So, you find a quest and accept it, they tell you who to talk to but you have no idea where exactly to go, or even how to get there. With a guide you can have directions on where to go to get to where your quest is and clear instructions on exactly how to get there.

Not only will they explain how to get to where your quest is, they can sometimes actually give you instructions on which quests to accept in order to level up as fast as possible. This is helpful because instead of accepting one quest, traveling long distances to do it, and then traveling again to turn it in (making you only a small amount of experience), the guide tells you which quests to accept. It then tells you when to do them and in what order, this way you get many things done in one place before you travel so that you're not wasting time traveling around.

You can get a lot done in a shorter time and level up much faster. It's a lot simpler having clear instructions and exact coordinates to where you are going. With an in-game guide you'll be level 80 in no time and be playing exactly how you want! Good luck and I hope you found the World of Guide helpful!

Haley Perechy is a massage therapy student at WCCMT in Vancouver BC, a researcher, and blogger who loves Warcraft! You can check out her blog, THE HORDE GUIDE at [] for all kinds of great WoW news, and reviews of the latest Warcraft related products.

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